"Thro' evening shades I haste away / to close the labours of my day."

Charge of Arianrhod

I am Arianrhod
of the spiral castle by the silver sea
I am the last one of my race
I am without beginning and without ending
For before ever time and change began
My mother the Star Goddess
Lay upon the Lord of Darkness
And brought forth me

I am beyond sound and sight
I cannot be touched
I am She who dwells behind the veil of matter
They ask if I exist
And I answer I do
And I do not
But at the end of the cycles and seasons
Which some name Death
But those who have lifted my veil name Life

On the shores of the Sea Of Time you will find me
My head turned to the wind
Walking by the waves of the eons and waiting
For your coming and going

In truth I was
I am and I will be
When all else has faded from your memory
I am something which you posses
And something which you seek
I am the question that is also the answer
I am that which binds and that which sets free
I am the beginning of things
I am the ending
Seek me and know me
I am She



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