"Thro' evening shades I haste away / to close the labours of my day."

Wyrdworking #1

Real magic affects the world much as a smile can affect the world. There is no exact science to smiling, but most of us instinctively make use of this technique to shape our environment. A person – adult or child – who feels threatened will very often give an appeasing or apologetic smile. Another person hoping to make a strong impression will flash a confident smile. A mother coaxes her child by offering an encouraging smile. There’s no certainty that the smile will be rewarded with its desired effect. The cynic will argue that a smile will not stop a bully, that it will not result in a promotion, that a child may fail regardless of how often or how bravely a parent smiles. And yet humans continue to smile, not only to express joy, but because we know in our hearts that a smile can and does shape the world around us.



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